We Support Sustainable Forestry.

At the core, forests provide the world with clean water, fresh air, recreation, food, medicines, and vast other natural resources.

In short, customers are increasingly sensitive to global deforestation concerns and the economic and social problems that it creates. Today, many domestic and international corporations are making cognizant decisions to reward suppliers that share these same values.

At Elliott Sawmilling, sustainability is more than a word, it is a a guiding principle. We are consciously changing the way we do business, and the way we maintain our facilities to improve our carbon footprint. Rather than using electricity or gas, our drying kilns are entirely powered by clean-burning wood by-products on site, saving massive amounts of energy.

Our administrative offices practice conservation through recycling materials and utilizing new technology to save energy and promote healthy and safe working environments.

Our manufacturing locations are in continuous improvement projects for eliminating waste, saving resouces such as water and electricity, and finding improved ways to produce high quality products.