Our Facilities

Elliott Sawmilling is a 100% southern yellow pine mill. It is a modern high tech mill capable of sawing 2 X 4’s to 2 X 12’s, eight to sixteen feet in length. Our first priority is to produce quality lumber.

At the “big” mill, Elliott Sawmilling has a band saw and carriage for larger logs and a sharp chain for smaller logs. This allows us to increase efficiency and get the best use out of the log with as little waste as possible. Once logs are processed into lumber it is kiln dried and stored for a short period of time before being sent to our planing mill. We have a state of the art planing mill with automatic lumber grading. After planing, our product is packaged and ready for shipment. We can ship by rail or truck.

In 2000 Elliott Sawmilling built a “turn key” sawing and chipping operation to utilize a plentiful supply of pulpwood in our area. We realized that some of the purchased pulpwood could be sawed into lumber instead of chipping making this option better for the owner, us, and the environment.

We have the capacity to saw 200 million board feet per year. Elliott Sawmilling is very proud that we are able to provide 180 jobs for local residents.

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